Treasures In and Garbage Out

“Treasures In and Garbage Out” is the definition of decluttering!

Getting a home ready to sell is a royal pain. Ask anybody who’s sold their home recently. If you’re thinking about selling in three months or a year start the sorting through “treasures” and get the “garbage” out.  Homeowners wanting to maximize their sale price really need to declutter their entire house.

Usually, the longer you’ve lived in a property equates to more “stuff”.  And more stuff makes it harder to decide what to save versus what to donate or toss.

Many Realtors® will walk through your property and make suggestions about removing or rearranging large pieces of furniture.  They might also suggest cleaning jammed closets and storage areas so potential buyers can see space.  I’m suggesting you think about starting the process 10- 12 months before you actually list your home for sale. 

Staging or decluttering advice often includes removing:Cincinnati Real Estate

  • Large pieces of furniture crowding the room
  • Family photos from walls and shelves
  • Collectibles jammed on shelves and ledges
  • Too many extra pillows and throws sitting on furniture
  • Everything but the bare necessities off kitchen and bathroom countertops (especially for MLS pictures)
  • Humungous indoor plants or excess plants if you have them everywhere
  • Cleaning out clothes, linen and storage closets

My advice, while you’re decluttering take the next step and ask yourself- what items do you really want to pack and move?


Sitting in basements and lower levels of homes are boxes packed, stored and unopened for years.  Now’s the time to peek inside for valuables and then donate or toss.  Be honest about yesterday’s treasures and use them or get rid of them.  Do not re-stack and move the box!  The sorting takes time which is why work needs to start months (or years) before the actual move.  Remember once you’re done sorting touch up painting and cleanup begins.

It’s exhausting to get your home ready for the real estate market.  Invite your favorite Realtor® over for a walk-through now.   We really prefer listing properties that are market ready.  And as a potential seller, it’s much easier to negotiate contracts when you’re not stressed about the details of sorting and moving years of “accumulated treasures”.

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