The Right Landscaping Techniques

landscaping techniques

How the Right Landscaping Techniques Can Add Privacy to Your Yard

A beautiful lawn doesn’t just boost the curb appeal of your home; it can also offer greater privacy. If you’re interested in making your yard feel a little more secluded, there are several landscaping projects you can tackle to achieve this goal. They’ll improve the overall look of your property while making it feel more intimate and private.

The following examples are some of the most effective ways to boost your privacy through smart landscaping.

Tall Fences

Obviously, a tall fence will protect your lawn from prying eyes. Unfortunately, by itself, a large fence could loom over your property in a way that detracts from your comfort, instead of adding to it.

Fixing this problem is easy: Just add plants in strategic places along the bottom of the fence. The vibrant color of beautiful flowers will offset the imposing quality of a large structure.

You can also install decorative features on the fence itself, like latticework. This helps to transform it into an attractive fixture.

An additional benefit of including these plants is that they still allow for easy lawn upkeep. An electric lawn mower can be used to precisely get into the corners of your fence, keeping your yard clean and presentable.


Hedges offer a natural way to obscure your yard from view. You can choose to plant a single type along the entire perimeter of the yard or mix several evergreen and deciduous species for a more dynamic effect. Just make sure you learn how to properly maintain any plants you choose before you decide they’re ideal for your lawn.

Combine Plants & Fences

Many homeowners want to achieve privacy without sacrificing the feel of openness and spaciousness. Striking this balance is not as difficult as you may think.

For example, you could use an oscillating multi-tool to install a large latticework fence with open panels. Around the fence, you can think about adding many different styles of flowers, shrubs, and trees. They’ll obscure the view enough to boost your privacy, while the open fence panels will ensure the area doesn’t feel confining.

Lawn Features

Some people don’t feel the need to make the entire lawn private. They simply want areas of refuge where they can relax when they want to be outdoors but don’t want to worry about being watched.

You can achieve this effect with a pergola, deck, or similar lawn feature. By adding plants and decorative features to fill in any open spaces, you’ll create a comfortable haven of privacy without blocking off the entire yard.

Flower Petals & Fences

This is another instance in which you can combine a latticework fence with plants to balance comfort and privacy. Again, you want there to be open spaces in the latticework, but for this project, they should be relatively small. That’s because you’ll be adding rambling plants like a climbing rose. They can subtly fill in many of the gaps in the fence, adding vibrant color while leaving enough open spaces to make the yard feel large and open.

Most importantly, approach this project with imagination. Designing landscaping features that boost your home’s privacy offers you the opportunity to explore your own creativity. This is the type of landscaping project you’ll have a lot of fun tackling, making the finished product all the more satisfying.