Do We Really Need Daylight Saving Time?

Do We Really Need Daylight Saving Time?

Do we need Daylight Saving Time

Sometime today or tomorrow you will receive an email or text reminding you to “Spring Forward” this weekend.  If you’re like most people you’ll receive a barrage of emails, texts, and Facebook notifications telling you to reset your clocks.

But do we really need Daylight Saving Time

Do we need Daylight Saving TimeOr is it an old tradition that had value decades ago but today only messes with body clocks?  Why can’t we pick a time slot and stick with it?  

The grand idea of more sun in the evening during the summer is great if you discount less sun in the morning during the spring when (I think) after months of cloudy gloom we need sunny mornings for motivation.  Farmers don’t like it.  Parents with young children don’t like it.  Pets don’t like it.  (Most) Clock owners don’t like it.

The only valid excuse for switching to Daylight Saving is the opportunity to remind people it’s time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  So why not just designate the date as “Save Your Life” day and send out appropriate e-cards, text messages and of course media coverage.  And leave my analog clocks and body clock alone!

So if you are clueless as to what’s happening this weekend.  Before going to bed Saturday night set your clock forward 1 hr.  (Cell phones, computers, cable boxes and appliances automatically reset themselves.  The simple act of changing your clock will make waking Sunday morning with an hour less sleep and no sun so much easier.

Think about it!  We really don’t need Daylight Saving Time!