The Good Home

Homes in Cincinnati

Your real estate search ended and you sign a contract for “the dream home”.  In a few days, you discover the dream became “the good home” with all sorts of blemishes you didn’t see. 

First thing not to do is blame the Realtor® 

If information about school ratings and crime statistics are really important to you- do the research before you begin house hunting.  Or at the very latest before you write a contract.   Realtors® can only provide you with resources which include links to school district sites and phone number of police or sheriff.  It’s up the buyer to do the research and decide what works for them.

Some things to look at before making a decision to buy:

Market Report

Your agent can provide detailed information about the subdivision and area you are considering.  Data from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati provides an in-depth look at the time on the market, list to sale price ratios, number of sales and types of homes in high demand.

MLS data cannot predict the future.  Today’s hot area may be a slow sale in 2 years.  Nobody has a crystal ball.  But looking at the numbers for the current market should help you decide the asking price is realistic.  Sometimes the high number of sales in an area turns buyers off because they want neighbors who stay around.  The information from the MLS can help prospective buyers.

School District

Most parents want the best school district for their family.  The question then becomes what’s best?  New to greater Cincinnati- the following links may be helpful:

There is no “perfect” school district.  Buyers need to decide for themselves which one provides the best results for their children.  Yes, school district ratings and perceptions can impact real estate prices and buyers need to weigh school ratings and rankings versus your real estate needs.

Crime Statistics

Schools are very important to some buyers while crime statistics are a hot button for others.  To the best of my knowledge, the best way is to contact the local Police or Sheriff’s Office serving your area to get the real facts.  The State of Ohio offers a site to search for sex offenders and other registered criminals.  CrimeReports is an interesting site but personally, I don’t know about the accuracy or timeliness of the data.  

The good home is the one where buyers have done their homework on crime stats and schools and their agent has provided comprehensive MLS data.  Making an informed decision makes buying a home a lot less stressful for everybody.