Cincinnati Average Home Sale Prices Up

Cincinnati Average Home Sale Prices Up

In January the average sale price of a single-family home went up for the 5th year in a row.

The average sale price in January 2014 was $152,261 compared to January 2018 at $197,979.

The number of single-family homes sold during January during the last 5 years climbed for 4 years.  Starting with 1074 homes in 2014 all the way to 1303 homes in 2017.  This year we took a bump and only sold 1168 homes.

The lower number of sales is most likely due to snowy cold weather and lack of homes for sale.

Comparing month over month sales helps Realtors® analyze market trends.  How Cincinnati real estate market reacts to interest rate changes and lack of homes for sale is still in question?  

Thinking about buying or selling it’s critical for you to check with your agent to get data specific numbers for your house and your neighborhood.