Million Dollar Home Features  recently featured an article titled Luxury Homes Features- What is Most Common? authored by Cheria Brickhouse.  The old saying real estate is local rings true when reading about the features in demand when buying a million dollar home in Greater Cincinnati., ohio waterfront homes, real estate

According to the article the #1 feature buyers in Ohio want is waterfront property.  Riverfront is popular in the Cincinnati area but living on a lake (or ocean) isn’t in high demand locally.  The relaxing views and opportunity to park your boat nearby motivate 10.5% of million-dollar buyers to search for waterfront homes.

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Square footage matters.  Ohio ranks #7 where million dollar homes average 7347 square feet of space.  The Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati lists the average square footage for the 117 million dollar plus sales in 2017 as 6,157 square feet.  

The Cincy MLS doesn’t have the same searchable features as some other systems.  So according to the article, 1.8% of buyers in Ohio want Basketball Courts.  Search our MLS for keywords but didn’t find any $1M homes with basketball courts selling during 2017. (Most likely they were some-just not showing up on search)

Movie theaters are another hot feature with 10.1% of Ohio homebuyers must-have list.  A keyword search of Cincy MLS for sales with theaters showed 8 closed in 2017.  (but I’m pretty sure that several properties included that feature) The number is close to 7% of the sales.

It’s interesting to find out what attracts buyers in other markets in America and Ohio.  Real estate is local and the $1M plus market seems to be hooked on schools, community amenities and access to work and play.