Cincinnati Celebrates Ground Hog Day

Groundhog Day Cincinnati

It’s groundhog day and what will Punxsutawney Phil tell Cincinnati when winter will end? 

According to the official groundhog site if Phil fails to see his shadow-winter will soon end. Bad news because if it’s a sunny day and he sees his shadow- Cincinnatians should expect another 6 weeks of winter weather.


Shadow or no shadow- Cincinnati has weathered some very cold temperatures and a few inches of snow.  But in comparison to states east and south of greater Cincinnati- we’ve had a pretty easy.    And it’s already February so even if it snows-April, and spring weather is only just 58 days away.

Stay warm and remember it’s a “hot real estate market” right now….too many buyers and too few homes for sale. 

We need more sellers to come out of the ground and list their home or condo for sale now!