Buyer Beware

security camera, house hunting, buyer beware when house huntingSmile! “You’re on camera” isn’t posted on the front door of listings.  But buyers (and their agents) need to be aware- you might be on camera while house hunting.

In the good old days, buyers and their agents could roam through homes and freely discuss the pros and cons of the property. 

Today it’s a different story. reported both visible and hidden cameras may be recording your conversations.  The idea of “big brother” watching while you tour homes can be intimidating but buyers shouldn’t stop asking questions or making observations -just because.

Many sellers had equipment in place before the property went on the market and aren’t monitoring every word spoken during showings. Buyer counseling sessions should cover the possibility that cameras may be recording them and usually, the seller doesn’t notify their own agent about recording systems.   

My theory is to keep comments honest and useful.

Nanny cam, mini cam, security cameras, motion detectors and of course Alexa and Google assistants are showing up in more homes and price ranges.  So far I haven’t heard about sellers leveraging buyer comments as a contract negotiation tool but sooner or later some seller will use the information.   

Buyers who are uncomfortable with the possibility of hidden cameras need to discuss with their Realtor® before you start house hunting.  The rest of us should just assume cameras are recording and smile for close-ups!