5 Ways to Automate Your Home

automate your home

This article will teach you 5 ways to automate in your home.

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 So here are top 5 things you can automate in your home today:


A humidifier will be exceedingly useful to you; it has the capacity to restore all moisture in the air around your home. During the summer season, air conditioners will remove moisture and cool the air in your home.
Knowing when to turn on or off the humidifier can be a hassle for users, but over the years, things have gotten a thousand times easier if you can get a humidifier with manual control.

All you need to do in this case is to automate the process, simply set your preferred settings, and plug it into a switch or smart plug. With this, you can set up a schedule that will be turning on or off your humidifier at specific times of the day. 


This is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can harness the power of automation in your smart home. Most times, upgrading your lighting remains the simplest way of replacing your energy bulbs with app-based bulbs.

The advantage of these technologically-advanced bulbs is that it can allow you to turn on or off lights when you leave the house. You can remotely operate this with your tablet or Smartphone. Some of these bulbs can operate with your Smartphone’s GPS to actually know when you are at home.


The advancement of communication technology has put a lot of appliances to practical use- they have gone beyond the realm of baking bread or washing clothes. For example, you can simply send an SMS message to your smart oven by instructing it to start cooking.

But the communication doesn’t end there, it can communicate with you alerting when you run out of milk in your refrigerator or suggesting recipes that are at home and probably the ones you may have to buy.


One of the strongest reasons why many people opt for a home automation system is in the areas of security and safety.

You don’t have to pay for a full-time security for your home, because with latest automated options in your home such as carbon monoxide detectors, smart smoke alarms, window sensors, internet-connected door, and Wi-Fi enabled cameras you can be proactively alerted to the goings on in your home through phone calls or push notifications or via live video feeds.

Temperature Control

Home automation technology is helpful for cooling and heating your home; it is usually available in the form of Wi-Fi thermostats. The beauty of temperature control is that it offers you awesome discounts or savings on your cooling and heating bills.

You can now pay for only the things you use. You can turn on the heater when you are heading home so that as soon as you walk into your house you will enjoy a house already adjusted to your comfort.