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Irish Spring

filed under: Real Estate Tips and Trends posted on November 13th, 2017

Have you heard about Irish Spring?

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I’m not talking about a season in Ireland or the newest uprising of unhappy people.  This is all about Irish Spring soap and it’s mystical powers protecting our garden from deer.

My better half read that hanging Irish Spring soap outside discourages deer from using our landscaping as a buffet table.  Like many myths- I’m not so sure it actually works.  However, we do have very clean dear. For most engineers, the job of hanging the soap required skill and precision.  First, perfect size holes were drilled into the soap.  Twine was inserted and knotted.  Finally, the soap bars are strategically placed on the back fence.

I swear I hear deer singing while soaping up during rainstorms.  And since hoof prints are still evident I believe the soap is totally useless – except when visitors wonder why soap is hanging on the fence line. 

picture of dear, cincinnati real estate, coldwell banker, kathy koops

Source: S Griggs

Deer, squirrels, moles, raccoons, chipmunks, and others critters can make a mess of your landscaping.  Google deer deterrents provides 217,00o results.  And I’m sure there’re as many links for each animal roaming our backyards.  Let’s be realistic if you live near woods or undeveloped land animals roaming and grazing in the yard is normal.  Homeowners can try plantings to discourage deer and squirrels.  But don’t hold your breath.  Deer don’t like one kind of plant but the raccoons or rabbit love it. 

This year I’m hoping the squirrels do a better job of replanting tulip bulbs.  In the past, the bulbs have simply disappeared but this year the fuzzy creatures seem to be digging in the grass- so maybe we’ll see a tulip or 2.  Or maybe we can hang an additional 20 0r 30 bars of Irish Spring soap and hope for the best.  At least the smaller animal might decide to shower too!

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