Wineries Near Cincinnati

Fall’s creeping into Cincinnati and residents are looking for things to do. 
Cincinnati Winery

Wineries near Cincinnati offer some spectacular views, affordable dining and wonderful and usually can be reached by driving 30 minutes or less.

One the closet home grown wineries is Vinokolet Winery and sitting out overlooking the vines planted all over the hills is a relaxing end to a busy week. However, in an area probably better known for local breweries, Vinokolet is just of many vineyard/winery businesses accessible to area residents. Others include:

For a more complete list of local wineries click here

For true wine enthusiasts there are plenty of specialty stores that offer tastings and educational sessions but this time of year you don’t turn down the chance to sit outside enjoying the views, great weather and being in the company of friends.

If you’re interested in finding out about other winery locations around our area-start your search here: winery map for Ohio.  Enjoy yourself but remember “don’t drink and drive”.