School Districts and Home Sales

Cincinnati School Districts

The latest sale data by the school districts for single family homes reflect rising prices. 

Heading into the fall months the local greater Cincinnati real estate market continues to see rising median and average prices in many of the school districts.  If the school district is your primary concern make sure you and your agent search by school district and not by neighborhoods or suburb codes.


Data pulled from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati shows that potential buyers have access to purchase 5079 single family homes. 

The # of active listings, median list price/sale price and the year-to-date by average sale list price/sale price listed by school district below: (MLS Data 1-1-17 through 8/31/17- Single Family Homes)

Cincinnati School Districts and home sales

In greater Cincinnati MLS the average list price for single family homes – $$248,688 with a median list price of $179,900.  The average sale price is $208,061 and the median sale price – $168,500.

The median price range is the gives buyers and sellers an idea of what’s happening in the “middle” of the housing market. In some areas, the median price range is very close to the average year-to-date sale prices.  This is important to know so you don’t over price or over pay for a property.


Remember each area, neighborhood, and complex within school districts has unique pricing characteristics-make sure you look at not only the average/median list prices but also the absorption rate and the prices of recently sold properties.

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