Gone to the Birds

cincinnati bird watchingWe’ve gone to the birds!

I must admit that I’ve never been a “bird watcher”.  Never understood the attraction of spending hours staring through binoculars oohing and aahing about feather and beak colors.  

However, this summer, sitting outside watching a slew of birds attack 1 of 2 feeders in the backyard has become the popular and relaxing thing to do in the evenings.  In addition to a variety of birds- known to me as the black one with a red chest, dumb doves, and other creative names- the rest of the critters attracted to bird seed also provide countless hours of entertainment.

Of course “our birds” are spoiled.  The feeders seldom run out of seed thanks to the stack of 35-pound bags sitting in our garage.  A quick calculation of cost for the amount of seed consumed is staggering- the equivalent of eating at a 5-star bird restaurant.

But we’ve gone to the birds -it’s a nice way to enjoy the outdoors and forget about things for a few minutes in the evening.  I highly recommend asking for a bird feeder as a closing gift. 

I highly recommend hinting that you want a bird feeder as for your house.