Butler County Donut Trail

A year has passed since the debut of the “Butler County Donut Trail” and it continues to gain attract donut eaters and notoriety.  

And don’t forget your passport.  The Butler County Donut Trail highlights small, family-run donut shops and offers a new way to explore Butler County through donuts and for the true donut lover stamps from all the locations gets you “Sweet Donut Trail” T-shirt.

With one donut shop for every 20,000 residents, visiting a neighborhood donut shop continues to be a favorite morning tradition across Butler County. Sharing this donut passion with visitors is a tasty way to bring Butler County cuisine to a new audience.  Featured Donut Trail locations represent a combined 227 years of donut-making experience.

With a loyal fan base, Butler County’s donuts inspire devotion nationwide.” (Trail Map)Donut Trail Map

So from the standpoint of highlighting small family owned businesses- the “Donut Trail” makes sense.  Maybe next time the county can add a few other family owned store near the trail so visitors can make a day of supporting locally owned businesses.

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