2017 Buckeye BBQ Fest

2017 Buckeye BBQ Fest

Buckeye BBQ Fest West Chester

Buckeye BBQ Fest West ChesterThe Annual Buckeye BBQ Festival kicks off on Friday, May 19th in the Square @ Union Centre in West Chester.

In past years vendors begin arriving as early as Thursday and spend most of Friday grilling.  For BBQ lovers the event the best of the best providing us with an opportunity to try out sizzling bbq treats as well as enjoy entertainment and catch up with your neighbors. To see what time you want to join the fun check out the schedule of events.  In addition to great food, the event supports several local charities.

BBQ Fest runs on Friday and Saturday and extremely large crowds are expected.  Parking areas will be marked but if you live within walking distance- hoofing it might be the easiest to attend.

Buckeye BBQ Fest