Bicycling Around Greater Cincinnati

Bicycle riders are on the roads everywhere in greater Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Biking Information

Cyclists and motorists need to know the laws when it comes to bikes on the road.

The biggest change this year is a new law Ohio HB154 requiring motorists to have at least 3 feet of clearance when passing bicycles on the road.   As a spouse of a cyclist, I can vouch for some rude behavior on the part of motorists (and riders).  But I know how important it is to give riders as much room as possible when passing- especially on narrow rural roads.  The easiest way to track updates and happenings is to follow

The local bike trails and paths offer safe(er) places to ride. 

The easiest way to track updates and happenings:

Personally, if I cycle at all, I head over to my favorite places-  Loveland Bike Path or my second favorite in Fairfield.  The greater Cincinnati area has so many paths available to both avid cyclists and weekend duffers.  According to Soapbox Cincinnati cycling is making a comeback.

And don’t forget Cincinnati Red Bikes if you’re heading into the city.   Red Bikes is an easy and fun way to investigate downtown Cincinnati.