Days on Market Not Always 1 or 2 Days

Days on market not always 1 or 2 days in real estate.

What neighborhoods are selling and which ones are not?  Days on market for single family homes is one of the ways to see what’s attracting buyers.

Graph of days on market in Cincinnati real estate

The chart reflects the number of days on the market for the current listing only.  There is another number CDOM or cumulative days on market.  This number is usually higher because it tracks the total number of days a home has been on the market. (the CDOM has some rules so check the history of a listing for accurate number)

Madeira and Oakley with easy access to downtown and burbs continues to be a “hot spots”.  Walkability, tons of shopping and Oakley priced a slightly below the Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout areas makes Oakley the current days on market leader.


As you head out to the suburbs, West Chester  and Mason continues to attract buyers.   Both locations are well below the MLS average of 52 days on market.  While homes sales in Wyoming are much higher average. 

The numbers are averages cover entire neighborhoods and each area has streets and price ranges that sell as soon as they hit the market.  Both buyers and sellers need to look at the real numbers for a property before making any pricing or buying decisions.  However it’s a safe bet if your home has been for sale for a significant number days more than the average in your area- pricing is a problem.

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