Presidents Day in Cincinnati

It’s Presidents Day and do you know how many Presidents were from Ohio?  Can you name them?

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Cincinnati Presidents

How about the names of Presidents who called Cincinnati home?

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This year we celebrate Presidents Day on February 20th.  We  remember George Washington’s Birthday and the Federal holiday celebrating Presidents Day.  And while many government offices and businesses are closed today,  it’s important to remember the significance of the holiday is far more meaningful than just finding sale items at the mall.

A few years ago I wrote…” The meaning of this holiday seems have blurred over the years – watching images of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln dancing to highlight a Presidents Days sale of mattresses.”

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the beautiful weather and doing some shopping but it’s also a good time to read or renew interest in history and the impact of those we celebrate on Presidents 

Think you’re smarter than a 5th grader?  Test your presidential knowledge – Commanders-in-Chief Quiz – you might be surprised with some of the answers.