House Hunting with Children

Children sound asleep in the carHouse hunting with children can be exhausting?

Shopping for real estate in West Chester, Liberty Township, Mason and Cincinnati or Ohio can be exhausting for adults too!  Add younger children into the mix and you may have sabotaged your house hunting for the entire day.

Best advice- get a babysitter until you have narrowed down your choices to 1 or 2 properties.

If babysitting is not an option – don’t schedule appointments around nap time.  Sleeping children (see above) cannot just be left in a car sitting on the driveway.  Obviously an adult needs to stay with them- which often looks like a fire-drill as the agent and/or each of the parents takes a turn going through the house.


Children, of every age, need to stay with their parents while walking through the property. 

You would be amazed at the number of adults who allow their children to forage through toys, closets or cupboards.

Bring something to keep them amused- (hint- play-doh is not a good idea).

Sounds pretty basic, however a lot of buyers forget to plan ahead when it comes to house hunting with children. 

If everybody is on the same page- shopping for real estate with kids can go smoothly.

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