How To Sell Your Home During the Holidays

How To Sell Your Home During the Holidays

evergreens and ornaments

evergreens and ornamentsYour condo or home is for sale  during this holiday season, here are some tips and things to consider when decorating for the holidays:

Less is Best
Over the years most people accumulate a variety of Christmas/holiday decorations- but if you’re selling your Cincinnati home don’t feel obligated to display everything.  Simple decorations both inside and outside is the best way to go.  The giant inflatable Santa on the front porch which obstructs the view of the house followed by wall-to-wall decorations inside every room can be overwhelming and doesn’t provide buyers the opportunity to visualize themselves living there.


Politically Correct
Restrain yourself from over the top religious decorations.  A nativity scene placed outside is probably ok, however, when decorating the interior I think sellers need to show some restraint.  Try to keep decorations as neutral as possible.

Color Coordinated
Finally, use decorations that compliment or coordinate with your interior decorating.  We’ve all inherited or purchased funny obnoxious decorations that have become part of the holiday “tradition”.  While you have your house for sale- it’s best to leave those items in their boxes.

Think simple and elegant when it comes to decorating your property when it is listed for sale.

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