Rookwood Pottery

Sign on rookwood building building in CincinnatiRookwood Pottery is alive and well in Cincinnati.

Probably one of the best known brands Rookwood pottery was founded in 1880 by Maria Longworth Nichols and thrived for decades with many area homes boasting fireplaces, mantels, tiles and fountains made by Rookwood. 

For many, many years most Cincinnatians associated Rookwood with the restaurant in Mt. Adams.  The site is the original location where Rookwood pottery was crafted and produced.  But the majority of have not seen Rookwood pottery except when visiting a home with tiles surrounding the fireplace.

Picture of a rookwood pottery fireplace

Rookwood Pottery was rescued from oblivion in 1982 when Michigan Rookwood collector, Dr. Art Townley purchased the remaining Rookwood assets.  In 2004 he and group of interested investors put a plan in place to reopen and begin production of Rookwood Pottery.

The current location is on Race Street – a very short walk from Findlay Market offers not only a neat shop but the chance for a live tour of the “factory”.  The building is very deceptive from the outside and as we moved from room to room to room watching history being remade it’s obvious that turning out pottery is a complicated process.

The tiles and fireplace mantels are not just for old homes and museums with today’s builders and home buyers also looking at using tiles as back splashes or in bathrooms in renovations and new construction.

If you don’t want to head to Over-the-Rhine for the tour and shopping there is a second store located at Liberty Center.