Hyde Park Near

Cincinnati Real Estate

Years ago people would advertise homes for sale as Hyde Park Near, or Glendale Near, or Indian Hill Near in order to attract buyers’ attention.


Today’s Multiple Listing systems take the guess work and creative advertising out of the equation. In today’s real estate market a property’s location is fixed. Maybe buyers can learn a lesson from the somewhat misleading advertising fads of the past.

The Hyde Park area has been a sought after neighborhood for a long time.  Proximity to downtown and neat older homes drawing buyers of all ages.  Many years ago when the sale prices in Hyde Park exploded many buyers starting starting migrating to Hyde Park near or Oakley to find their perfect home.  As Oakley housing prices climbed many potential buyers settled in Norwood and Madisonville.

The HydePark near concept helped drive the average sale prices up in the surrounding communities:

Hyde Park Near Real Estate

The overall average increase in the average sale price of a single family home according to Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati was lower that Hyde Park Near:

Cincinnati Average Sale Price

House hunters trying to stay within a specific school or tax district may not always have as many options when it comes to finding more affordable properties.  If school district is the deciding factor make sure you or your Realtor® search by school district and not city.  Many school districts are not confined within city or township boundaries.

Buying a home isn’t easy and widening your search area may lead to some fun and interesting options- just think about it.