Findlay Market

Cincinnati Findlay Market

Findlay Market continues to be a greater Cincinnati hot spot.

So if you missed chowing down Friday at the Union Centre Food Truck Rally head on down to Findlay Market and enjoy the food bonanza as you pick up this and that.

Wandering through I stocked on rubs and spices from Colonel de Gourmet.  Totally enjoyed a small cup of sea salt gelato from DoJo Gelato.  And if it wasn’t early in the morning I would’ve stopped for a fish taco or burrito for lunch at Mama Lo Hizo .

Goodies at Findlay 2016

Food trucks are great but if you want to sample a wide variety of foods and talk to vendors willing to help you select the right product for your needs- Findlay Market is one of a kind.

Soapbox Media and USA Today recently acknowledged Findlay Market.

Parking was easy in one of the lots surrounding the area.  Weekdays are probably less congested but if you want to enjoy the real flavor of Findlay – head down on a Saturday or Sunday.

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Outside Findlay Market in Cincinnati