Not Included in Sale

Real estate in Cincinnati

“Not included in sale” is a popular sticky note found in Cincinnati homes for sale.

Of course nobody expects a cherished pet to be included in the sale.  But grandma’s mirror hanging in the guest bathroom should remain with the property.  And so should the neat light fixture hanging over the dining table.

Sometimes sellers honestly forget to mark an item as “not included in sale” which can cause problems when they hand over the keys.  Other sellers are quite diligent about posting bright post-it notes on items to be removed.

The best way to handle grandma’s mirror or your favorite light fixture is to remove it and replace it prior to selling.  Out of sight is out of the buyer’s mind. Replacing fixtures can be costly and difficult for potential buyers looking to move in without major work.  And if think you can just swap out fixtures without notifying buyers-think again.  Buyers scour listing pictures to make sure nothing is missing during the final walk-thru.

It’s a good idea to mark furniture that will remain with property- the huge entertainment center, lawn furniture or free standing book cases.  Giving buyers a heads up eliminates last minute surprises.

Bottom line never tag anything with “not included in sale” and let buyers know if you’re planning on leaving “furniture” behind.