Pretty in Pink

Real estate in Cincinnati

Pretty in Pink” a movie from the 80’s with a cult following provides some simple rules for today’s home sellers.

The movie’s lead character, Molly Ringwald had to find her own way in a confusing world.  Choices, decisions and commitments were made and sometimes regretted.  Putting your home on the market for sale often leads to a lot of the same mixed emotions.

Thoughts of priced too low, not enough people looking at it, need for more open houses and why hasn’t it sold passes through every seller’s mind.  If the property sells in a day – it was priced to low.  After 40 days on the market and all the other homes around you have sold… it much be the agent or not enough open houses.

Sound familiar?


Simple advice for sellers is to listen to advice from your Realtor® and don’t over analyze.

Three things sellers should know prior to listing their property:

  1. Is your property in tip/top condition?
  2. Priced to sell?
  3. Is the listing syndicated on a variety of web sites?

Of the 3 things, you (the seller) controls #1 and #2 and your Realtor® is responsible for #3.

The seller has to make every effort to make sure the inside and outside of the property are in great condition.  No light fixtures hanging several inches from the ceiling.  No drippy faucets, old stained carpeting or walls in need of painting.  Many agents walk through and provide a great “to do” list of items-but it’s up to the sellers to actually complete the tasks.

Priced to sell means priced to sell.  Sounds silly but even in this hot market some properties are lingering on the market because nobody in the buying public doesn’t perceive as worth it.  Get the message and drop the listing price quickly or make plans on a “For Sale” sign to be on display for months and months.

Finally, we live in a digital world and the more places your listing information appears-the better.  We never know precisely what triggers a potential buyer into action but 90% of buyers start house hunting on the internet.  Great pictures, detailed information and syndicating the information on as many sites as possible helps potential buyers find your property.  However if condition and pricing are not spot on-buyers will move on to other properties.

Pretty in Pink was a “coming of age movie” and like the lead character today’s sellers need to find themselves in today’s real estate market.