FSBO’s or “For Sale By Owner” go hand-in-hand with good real estate markets.

Why pay a real estate commission when you can sell it yourself?  And in some cases, sellers do a great job of navigating the home sale process by themselves…but “selling” a property and “closing” the deal continues to be very complicated.

Today’s home buyer starts online and for FSBO’s capturing eyeballs may not be as easy as a Facebook post.  True if you live in one of greater Cincinnati’s hot neighborhoods -drive through traffic may be all you need.  But for the rest of us online presence is critical.

According the the National Association of Realtors “FSBO’s” have a lot of work to handle before successfully getting to the closing table:


Source: Keeping Current Matters

The local real estate companies display all the listings for homes and condos.  It’s called reciprocity so potential buyers will see your home on a competitors site.  Most FSBO listings are not available everywhere.  A quick Google search of Cincinnati FSBO’s reflects information spread across the internet.

According to NAR’s Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers:

  • 88% of buyers look for their new home online.
  • Using a real estate agent can net you $39,000 more than FSBO’ing.
  • There is a long list of people that you will have to negotiate with when you decide to sell your home, using an experienced professional can help ease the process.

There’s nothing wrong with saving money but make sure you understand all the ins-and-outs of selling your own property and make an informed unemotional decision.