Protect Your Hot Dogs

Cincinnati hot dog

It’s sizzling hot in greater Cincinnati so take a few minutes to protect your “hot dogs” and other pets from the heat.

Pet needs can be forgotten as we get into the swing of summer with no school and weather that is both hot and sticky.  Just a few quick reminders with some resource links.

  1. Never,never, newer ever leave your dog in a hot car.  
  2. Watch for signs of heatstroke.
  3. Make sure your dog has unlimited access to fresh water all the time.
  4. Take walks during the cooler hours of the day which is also good advice for the human owner.
  5. Take steps to make sure your dog has access to shade all day.
  6. When walking, try to stay off of hot surfaces (like asphalt) because it can burn your dog’s paws.
  7. According to professionals if you think it’s hot outside, it’s even hotter for your pet – make sure your pet has a means of cooling off.
  8. For longer hair dogs think about clipping or shaving -but check with your vet first.  Believe it or not there is sunscreen to protect pets with thin coats.
  9. Use the product your vet recommends to keep your dog free of  parasites (fleas, ticks) and heartworms.
  10. Take a few minutes to research how the best ways to cool your “hot dog”.  Dogs don’t respond the same way we do to fans and ac.

And don’t forget one of my favorites filling a small (think baby) pool with ice and water and enjoy the show as your “hot dog” enjoys splashing around.

Stay cool!