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Look But Don’t Touch

filed under: Real Estate posted on May 9th, 2016

Real Estate Rules

Can you really compare house hunting to going on a safari?  3 things buyers need to know about “look but don’t touch”!

  1. Lions are majestic animals and when you are close enough to see the teeth-doesn’t mean it’s safe or acceptable to reach out and pet him.  The same is true while shopping for a house.  You are welcome to look inside closets, cupboards, kitchen cabinets and behind closed doors.  But just because you are close enough to open dresser drawers or inside furniture that doubles as storage pieces- doesn’t mean it’s ok to snoop.  Respect private property!
  2. Walking into a well decorated and well maintained property is a lot like seeing a pride of lions resting 30 feet away.  It’s a mixture of excitement and a sense of awe.  Sometimes buyers are so blown away with what they see that they forget to figure out if they can really “live” in the house.  Floor plans, wall space, bathrooms, road noises and access to schools, shopping and other things that are important to them.  Take time to really look beyond the decorating and visualize yourself actually living in the space.  Decorating can always happen after you close-but moving walls and adding bathrooms can get pricey.
  3. It’s become a crazy real estate market lately.  Many areas have very too few properties for sale and some buyers are caught in bidding wars.  It can be stressful and after a disappointment or 2 -buyers are so intent on buying a house, they ignore any and all the problems with the property.  Hopefully things work out, but turning your back to the risks and costs associated with maintenance and fix-up is a lot like getting out of the 4 Runner and trying to pet the lion while on safari.  Never a good idea!

Photographic safaris, like buying a house, makes a lasting impression.  Take a breath and think before making a decision.

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