“Million Dollar Babies”

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Our homes seem to be our “babies” and while the local Cincinnati real estate market continues to improve all the homes are not selling at or above asking prices.  Lots of people think they know the actual sale price of homes in their neighborhoods.  However, chances are they really don’t know the actual sale price-but not because the data isn’t available on county web sites and Zillow but because we tend to believe what we hear from neighbors and friends.

In the 4 counties which compromise the greater Cincinnati real estate market the highest sale prices as well as the average sale price for single family homes is listed in the chart below.  Data is from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati and covers sales between 10/01/15 through 03/31/16:

Homes for sale Cincinnati


As far as million dollar (plus) sales certain areas around greater Cincinnati can boast more than their fair share.  According to the CincyMLS the following neighborhoods posted sales of single family homes at or above a million dollars. (Homes located in the 4 county area and sold through CincyMLS sold 10/01/15 thru 03/31/16):
Anderson Twp, City, Columbia Tusculum, Deerfield Twp, Hamilton Twp, Hyde Park, Indian Hill, Liberty Twp., Montgomery, Mt. Adams, Mt. Lookout, North Bend, Walnut Hills and West Chester.

If you’re wondering about sale prices of property -just send me the address and I will be glad to look up the details. That way you’ll know the exact sale price of the house next or the million dollar baby down the street.