Real Estate Market Update by Zip Codes

Below is the real estate market update by zip codes.

So let’s take a look at what’s happening in the greater Cincinnati area and how do these numbers affect the local real estate market?  The number of active listings in the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati for single family homes is 5651.  The median list price is $220,176 and the median sale price is $179,314.  By zip code single family homes:

homes for sale Cincinnati

Active listings for the condo market is 814 units with a median list price $119,900 and a median sale price of $112,000.  The numbers by zip codes:

Condos for sale Cincinnati
During the last 2 weeks 1379 single family homes and 176 condos were listed (some were “relisted” and not new to the market). HomeSearch

So how do the numbers affect the local real estate market?  Well if you’re a seller, some neighborhoods are “in-demand” and bidding wars are happening.  For the rest of the houses and condos on the market in normal neighborhoods any increase in showing appointments should also increase the number of purchase contracts written.   Most of the greater Cincinnati real estate market it’s business as usual.  Price it right to grab the next qualified buyer or sit on the market for several months.

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