Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

Duke Energy Center Home and Garden Show

The Cincinnati Home and Garden Show running through March 6th.  Vendors, booths, demos, shrubs and flowers galore are packed into the Duke Energy Convention Center.

The Home and Garden Show is a great place to fine tune plans you have in the works and to see what you might be able to do to spruce the inside and/or outside of your home.  Plenty of brochures and business cards to file away for future reference and feel free to take tons of pictures of interesting things- nobody will stop you.

The vendors are exhibiting in hopes of getting your business and over the years I’ve made some great contacts and was  pleased with the services provided.  However, even though they are paying for a booth doesn’t mean you can skip doing research prior to hiring.  Always check for references and don’t hesitate to ask any contractor for references…and then get on the phone and call the people to verify information.

Wear your track shoes and enjoy the show.  All the displays featuring  decking, stonework, lighting, fire pits and gardening is a good reminder that spring is just around the corner.