Leap Day

Leap Day

February 29

February 29Leap Day is here!

What is Leap year?  Well according to several sources Leap Year is the reason that seasons occur at the same time each year. According to the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies, the Earth takes 365.24 days to make a complete cycle around the sun. So every four years the world would be a full day out of synch with the calendar. The society says a person who lived to be 90 would see their birthday drift by three weeks over the course of their lifetime. One extra day added to the end of February every four years prevents this from happening.

The 2nd fun fact about Leap Day tradition which supposedly began in Ireland and England and for awhile here in the United States, when is considered socially acceptable for women to propose marriage on the 29th.  (Remember the movie “Leap Year“) 10 fun facts about Leap Year and Leap Day provides some fun and historical aspects to the date.

With some careful planning Leap Day may become a great day for sellers to turn the table and make a “selling offer” to interested buyers.  Think about it.  Lots of open houses on Sunday and people were out in force house hunting all weekend.  Think about turing the tables on the buyers who might have looked at your home 2 or 3 times and see what happens. Worst case basis -nothing happens.  But if you don’t make the leap how will you know.