What Smart Home Sellers Need to Know

What Smart Home Sellers Need to Know

getting the dog out of the house

getting the dog out of the houseWhat do smart home sellers need to know in today’s real estate market?

Call it common sense, savvy selling or just plain good manners.  If your property is for sale and you want to buyers to enjoy looking at your home or condo- think about the following a few simple steps.

  • Get out of the way:  Leave the house. Usually buyers don’t enjoy sellers following them around the property during a showing.  In situations when the seller cannot leave make sure your agent notifies the other agent and then make yourself disappear.  Let the agent know that you’ll be in the study or on the deck if they have any questions.  Getting out of the way should also include removing cars, bikes or anything that blocks a smooth walkway into your property.
  • Control your pets:  Unless you can take your pets to work try to restrict them to a specific room or secured inside container/cage.  The best behaved “free range” pets have scared more than 1 or 2 buyers from walking beyond the entryway of your property.  Once again your agent should include notes on showing instructions about pets.  If you have your pet in the laundry room-post a note on the door so somebody doesn’t accidentally let them out.  The best way to handle pets is too get them out of the house for showings- but in the real world make sure your pet and potential buyers are as comfortable with the situation as possible.
  • Feedback is not guaranteed:  Real estate agents always try to get feedback from the agent(s) showing your property.  But feedback isn’t guaranteed and this can leave some sellers feeling frustrated and neglected.  Another problem – the feedback is positive but the buyers decide to purchase another property.   As agents we don’t always know why some agents don’t provide feedback or why the buyer liked your home but wrote a contract on another one.
  • Learn how to negotiate:  Any offer is “an offer” and may be the buyer you’re hoping for.   If possible, make a counter offer and work with your agent to make sure the your price is realistic.  Sellers may sell for the price they “want” and have the deal fall apart because it was appraised by the lender for a lesser amount.  A seller who won’t negotiate will most likely have their property on the market for a long, long time.

Smart home sellers have already decluttered and staged the property and now all you have to do is be “smart” for showings.