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Cincinnati Living is Affordable

filed under: Informational posted on December 21st, 2015

Cincinnati Ohio

Forbes Magazine lists Cincinnati as one of the most affordable cities to live.  This is not news to those of us living in the area- especially after visiting friends or relatives in other parts of the country. Even though the price of homes has increased during 2015 -real estate prices are still very affordable.

The Forbes article cited many neighboring cities in the top 20:

# 8 Dayton:

Dayton Ohio

# 9 Indianapolis:


# 10 Columbus:

Columbus Ohio
# 13 Louisville:

# 15 Akron:
Akron Ohio

Of course Cincinnati is often ranked highly in several surveys- check out Nerdwallet or WalletHub to see how we’re ranked in a variety of categories.  However for every great ranking Cincinnati earns-somebody, somewhere has to find something negative to say…

The old adage “There really no such thing as bad publicity” should make Cincinnatians happy since our area is mentioned on all sorts of “best of” and “worst of” lists.  Personally I’m not too concerned about Zombies.



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