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Bah-Humbug Real Estate

filed under: Real Estate posted on December 14th, 2015


Bah-Humbug, bah-humbug real estate and bah-humbug everybody.

Honestly I don’t hate the season…however it seems the crush to celebrate which starts around Halloween and dwindles sometime after the first week of January tends to shine a spot light on some “cranky holiday happenings”.  It seems to start with decorating– so when did lighting up the skies for Halloween become the tradition?

Cincinnati Halloween

And then the neighbors either don’t remove the seasonal decorations or they replace the goblins and ghouls with enough Christmas lights to attract jets circling nearby airports.  And bah-humbug real estate begins as neighbors grumble about too many lights or the traffic on the street as families bring the kids to see the show.  In some areas fights have broken out and police called.

The next major real estate bah-humbug- showings during the holidays.  It’s hard enough to keep a house or condo clean -let alone one with a tree, decorations and gift wrapping.  Sellers are warned to not over decorate -but families with little kids – something has to give.  Also buyers wanting to see the property with a 10 minute warning- only to be refused because the sellers are hosting a holiday party.  Take a breath and give your agent options – sometime buyers can be flexible and sometimes sellers need to cave-in and realize that many potential buyers are not the Godzillas portrayed on television and can overlook the clutter that goes with throwing a dinner party or hosting a cookie swap.

The local Cincinnati area real estate market is busy with 460 + pending sales (homes and condos) during the past 8 days.  Trying to get inspectors, lenders, relatives and contractors in and out of properties during the time frame specified in the contract may take some juggling.  It’s important for buyers to schedule inspections as soon as possible and to make sure any follow-up inspections are also squeezed in during the holidays.  The weather is cooperating -so far- at least inspectors don’t have to worry about sliding off icy roofs.  Also, buyers need to stay in touch with their lender -legal holidays can interfere with you staying on track with dates listed on your purchase contract-don’t assume your agent is handling your personal business.  Most lenders will not provide information to anybody but the borrower.

Finally, take a breath and subdue your inner Grinch…before you bah-humbug a deal.  Breathe deeply, consider all the options available to you and take a few minutes to communicate with your agent and bah-humbug may turn into “jingle sales” during the next few weeks.


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