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Husband Number 7

filed under: Informational posted on November 30th, 2015

Husband number seven roombaWelcome husband number 7!

One marriage with many husbands.  Confused?  Many years ago I wanted something done in our home and my husband suggested that I should find “another husband” to do the job…and the handyman became husband #2.   Over the years I’ve added a roofer, HVAC guy, electrician, plumber, lawn guy, carpet cleaner to the “husband list”.

The most recent addition “husband number 7” happens to be an iRobot Roomba which has almost learned its way around the house and become quite useful.  Number 7 can be pressed into service by pushing a button…or activating from an app on your smart phone.  The initial vacuuming missed a closet and a room but with each job #7 gets smarter.  The best part, after the job is done, it returns to the docking station -out of site- and charges up for the next adventure.

Husband number seven is sweeping its way into my heart.  Just trying to figure out how to have it bring me a cup of tea and the Wall Street Journal during its travels around the house.

And while the real husband and I have had endless amounts of fun discussing how many husbands I have- the important thing to remember is when you find a good service vendor -you need to remain loyal.  When the furnace goes out or siding blows off the house during a wind storm the service people whom you’ve used in the past show up to fix the problem not only promptly but done according to code.

Everybody is looking for somebody to provide skilled services at a lower price then complain when the work isn’t completed properly.  Building a relationship with your plumber, electrician or any vendors you use over the years doesn’t always guarantee perfection but experience has shown me and many of my clients the value of building trust and respect.

Need a the name of a good “husband/vendor” -just ask.

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