Protecting Your Home: Ways to Ensure Your Property is Safe

Protecting Your Home: Ways to Ensure Your Property is Safe

Kepping safe at home

Kepping safe at homeDo you worry what might happen to your home when you are out of town for a business trip or on vacation? Are you concerned about break-ins or vandalism on your property? These are legitimate concerns because anyone who owns a home is at risk. But, this doesn’t mean you aren’t able to take your personal and home safety into your own hands. There are ways to protect your home. Here are a few things to evaluate in order to decide where your property might need a boost in security:

Window Shades or Curtains

Not all security upgrades need to cost a ton of money. Survey the windows in your house and determine how many are covered with blinds, shades or curtains. Peering into a window is the quickest way for a thief to determine if you are at home. Shades or window treatments will keep burglars guessing and will potentially prevent a break in.

Motion-Sensor Lights

When you leave for vacation do you keep the porch light on? Criminals notice whether these lights are on during the day and night over an extended period of time and will likely assume you are away. Motion-sensor lights will automatically turn off during daylight hours and resume at nighttime. The added bonus to this technology? You can install a motion detector on your own and also save money on electricity bills while protecting your home.

Security Cameras

Consider investing in a security camera that will monitor all activity in the surrounding area. For example, a home security camera will document the pizza delivery guy, the children playing on the street and more importantly, a potential intruder. There is also an option to install a camera inside certain rooms in your home, like in the kitchen or living room, to determine if there is anything suspicious occurrence in common areas. Since privacy is important to most families, installation of these security cameras should occur outside of bedrooms and bathrooms. The high definition feature on the Lorex security camera will ensure you don’t miss any suspicious activity — say goodbye to those grainy videos of the past!

Install Deadbolts

Thieves like easy and simple entries into your home — placing a deadbolt on every door makes it more difficult for criminals to slip into your property. A double cylinder rock is preferable since it is keyed on both sides. This is an inexpensive way to add additional security to your home without breaking the bank.

Timing Devices

It is important for outsiders to realize a flurry of activity is going on inside of your home even if you aren’t present. Timing devices will allow you to program your TV, radio and lights to come on and turn off at a certain time. This is also great for people who are on frequent business trips because it makes it appear family members are moving inside of the house.

Safeguard Precious Items in a Safe

An added level of protection is possible even if criminal manage to creep their way into your home. Keep sensitive documents, like passports and Social Security information, as well as precious jewelry locked in a safe. Criminals won’t want to spend the time to crack the code and the safe is likely too heavy to move in a quick getaway.