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Did any restaurants in downtown ever revolve?  According to lore the Gourmet Room was the first and only ever restaurant revolve.  It was located on top of 15 West 6th Street – the old Terrace Hilton Hotel.

School is back in session-and could you answer Cincinnati Game Show Quiz questions if your kids asked?

Sometime it seems like we’re in such a rush we don’t have time to learn about the happenings and people who contributed to shaping greater Cincinnati.  The Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau has a fun filled fact sheet covering:

  • Cincinnati Firsts
  • Famous Cincinnatians
  • Cincinnati Foods
  • Cincinnati Movies

Did you know we played the first ever night baseball game under lights in 1935 and in addition to Rain Man, 20 movies have been shot in and around town since 1987.  Have you ever stepped foot inside the local historic landmarks designated by the City of Cincinnati?  Luckily the Cincinnati Union Terminal is on the list so even if you don’t spend much time in the downtown area, chances are you have visited the terminal.

Years ago I worked for AT&T when their offices were located in the Terrace Hilton Hotel.  The Hilton was the home of the award winning “Gourmet Room” restaurant. At the time, the Hilton manager told us the  Gourmet Room was built as a revolving restaurant (the first ever anywhere) but the city inspectors were dubious and ordered concrete be poured into the mechanism -ending the opportunity to hit the record books with another “first”.  A quick check of the internet did not confirm the story however the manager was a history buff and had been with the Hilton chian for decades- so I’m pretty sure he was telling the truth.  And speaking of history at one time the Gourmet Room was awarded the coveted 5 star rating- so Cincinnati has had a long history of great places to eat.

Looking for more hard facts about the Cincinnati area then you need to check out the latest Census Data.   One thing the data supports is “don’t underestimate women in Cincinnati” the latest census data indicates women make up 52% of the city’s population.  Also for those detail freaks the land area in square miles of Cincinnati is 77.94 and the number of people per square mile is 3,809.8 (I’d like to meet the .8 person).

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