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Fairfield and Fairfield Township Real Estate

filed under: Real Estate posted on August 24th, 2015

Fairfield and Fairfield Township Ohio

Fairfield and Fairfield Township Ohio real estate share the Fairfield School District.  And because of the schools somes buyers and sellers “migrated” back and forth from the “city” to the “township” as their housing needs changed.  The Township has experienced more growth lately as developers and builders buy up farm land and develop new subdivisions.  The City of Fairfield has pockets of new construction but the majority of the homes and condos.

The lastest data from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati is for homes and condos listed and sold through the CincyMLS-( not all new construction is listed -so additional data must be pulled from public records) The data is for 01/01/15- 08/10/15:

Fairfield Township

  Single Family Homes Condos
# Active Listings 88 6
# Pending Listings 74 2
# Sold/Closed Listings 210 21


  Single Family Homes Condos
# Active Listings 95 68
# Pending Listings 53 17
# Sold/Closed Listings 251 90

In Fairfield the average list price for single family homes is $164,024. and the average sale price – $150,361 (-8% difference).  In the condo market the average list price is $70,595 and an average sale price of $64,595 (-8%).  Single family homes in Fairfield Township have an average list price of 207,279 and an average sale price of $181,466 (-12.5%).  Fairfield Township condos average list price is currently $114,803 and the average sale price $107,764 (-6%).  The gap between the list prices and sale prices reflects hard bargaining between buyers and sellers.  And while some buyers are willing to pay anything for properties-but most lenders are not.

Fairfield HomeSearch Fairfield Twp HomeSearch

List price versus sale prices for Fairfield single family home sales for the first 7.5 months of 2015:

Homes for Sale Fairfield Ohio

Fairfield Condo sales versus list prices:

Condos for sale Fairfield Ohio

Fairfield Township single family home sale prices  versus list prices:

Homes for sale Fairfield Township Ohio

List price versus sale price for Fairfield Township condos:
Condos for sale Fairfield Township Ohio

In Fairfield the highest priced sale this year $485,000 on Oakbrook and the highest priced condo for $155,000on Lauren Meadows Court.  Fairfield Township recorded the highest priced single family home sale at $385,000 and the highest priced condo sold in the or $190,000 on Ashton Circle.

The lack of homes and condos for sale in both Fairfield and Fairfield Township may impact real estate sales as we head into fall.  Some buyers are willing to wait until next year in order to find the home of the their dreams. –Call/Txt  and get all the up-to-date real estate information before making any decisions.


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