Create a Cozy, Restful Nursery With Tips That Appeal to the Senses

Create a Cozy, Restful Nursery With Tips That Appeal to the Senses

Cozy baby room

The nursery is probably the most important room in the house during the first year you welcome baby into the home. It should be a soothing, restful retreat for sleep, a peaceful den of harmony and relaxation. To achieve a cozy nursery, consider how you can appeal to the senses. Use calming colors (sight), the soothing sounds of white noise (sound), and soft and safe crib bedding (touch), and keep the air fresh (smell) as a daisy.

Go Cool on the Color Wheel

Design the baby’s room with soft tones and shades, as color is thought to have different effects on the body, mind and soul. Warm colors are stimulating, so they may not be the best for bedtime. Cool colors have a more calming effect and are thought to decrease anxiety. Green promotes a soothing, nurturing environment; it’s natural and serene.

Be careful not to get too cool, though, as dark tones can tend to feel gloomy. To soften the effect of stark colors like grays and dark blues, pair them with cream colors, soft fabrics and comfortable accessories.

Soothing Sounds

A newborn baby has just come from a loud womb. The decibel level stands between a baby’s cry and a lawnmower in there. It’s no wonder that silence can unnerve a baby. Sudden sounds easily startle your little one, which makes for a long day for mom and dad.

This is where white noise comes in. Get yourself a white noise maker to help calm and destress baby. This sets the stage for good, wake-free sleep. Try a white noise or sound machine placed outside of the crib or get a white noise app for your phone or tablet.

Fit(ted) for a Queen

Newborns sleep up to 18 hours a day. The best investment in your nursery is a soft, inviting crib with high-quality bedding. Don’t get swept up into irresistibly adorable bumpers and bedding sets — they can be harmful to baby, as they pose potential choking, strangulation and suffocation risks.

What you need is a high-quality, soft fitted sheet. Organic cotton is a nice material, because it is breathable and hypoallergenic. But a high-quality flannel mattress sheet is the queen of crib materials because it retains warmth, is durable and lightweight, and gets softer with every wash. Find fitted crib sheets of the highest quality in aesthetically appealing prints at SwaddleDesigns.

While we’re on “touch” — consider a massage rocking chair in lieu of a traditional rocking chair. What? These exist? Very much so. You can gently rock your baby while you receive a massage. It’s a win/win. The Inada Yu-Me chair gives moms and dads a shiatsu massage from head to ankles, and the LED lights help create a soothing experience.

The Nose Knows

To keep the nursery smelling fresh, be sure to empty the diaper pail each day. Some moms use aromatherapy to keep the room smelling clean, as well. For a fresh ambiance, try Noodle and Boo’s Reed Diffuser that gives off a lovely and light scent of warm milk and vanilla beans throughout the room.

Follow these tips and there’s a better chance for everyone in the house having a pleasant first year of new life, especially a well-slept baby.