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Ohio Deserves a Higher Ranking

filed under: Informational posted on July 1st, 2015

Ranking The United States of America From Best to Worst

Jennifer Bui/THRILLIST

Ohio deserves a higher number than 48th when ranking the best states to live. just won’t give Ohio any respect in their latest report.  Ohio is ranked near the bottom but when you read the rest of the report – you know the writers were not thinking logically (or maybe not at all).

The other ranking reports issued by THRILLIST covered food rankings and we’re 28th.  It obvious the authors of the list have not had the pleasure of waiting for hour to get seated in one of hot spot eateries in “Over-the-Rhine” or looked very closely at all the highly rated affordable restaurants around town.

Finally we’re ranked 12th for our beers.  Given the explosion of micro breweries and beer related restaurant in the area -Ohio should move up the list next year.  Not sure where to go-check out the beer maps and find the best location for your next visit.

These lists are always a fun read.  One magazine or site ranks our area high and another publication puts at us the bottom of the  list.  It’s interesting that Ohio made any list at all- because when you review the THRILLIST site -it only covers the Cleveland area.  It’s almost like Columbus and Cincinnati aren’t part of Ohio when it comes to reviewing the best and worst.

Perhaps local writers need to create “best of” lists and make sure Cincinnati and Ohio are appropriately ranked.

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