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Moving Tips

filed under: Informational posted on June 24th, 2015

Moving tips – what do to before moving?

Cardboard boxes are stacked above your shoulders, and fast-food bags are scattered across your new counter tops. The front door always seems to be open. It feels like a thousand small things are Cincinnati Moversleft to be completed. The moving company is still on its way, and all you want to sit down, rest and wish this chaos was over. Yep, you guessed it: you’ve just moved to a new house. What’s more, it’s in a new state. Everything is foreign, and the to-do list keeps piling higher. With all of the small things that go into moving, it’s easy to overlook the bigger topics that you want to take care of before even packing up the car for the cross country drive.

Connect the Utilities

Little is worse than showing up at your new place, only to realize there is no power, or water, gas or even Internet. Take the 20 minutes before you move to make sure that these resources get installed and turned on the day before you intend to arrive. More often than not, the companies won’t need access to your home to connect anything.

Change Your Address

It’s a huge bummer and even more of a hassle to forward a missed package, bill or letter. Prevent this headache by rerouting all your incoming mail to the new address. If you do this about a week before you head out, you should be able to avoid the mishmash of dealing with a forwarding address and still get all of your junk mail in a timely fashion. Click here.

Get a New Auto Insurance Policy

If you’re moving to a new state, there is a fair chance that state has different car insurance policies. Check with your current insurer to decide what the best plan of action is. Plus, rates differ from state to state, so compare auto insurance options. If you’ve been thinking of trying a new company, then you might save some cash by swapping now. Either way, if you’re proactive about this then you’ll be ready in case the unfortunate happens. While you’re at it, take a moment to register your vehicle. You can typically do so online and then get your new license plate mailed to you.

Change Your Locks

This one might be passable to do once you move in, but any locksmith worth their pick can change the locks on your house the day of your arrival. Or you can buy a new lock set from a local hardware store and then install it yourself. It might seem silly at first, but here is something to think about: how many keys could be floating out there? Are you sure it’s just the two or three the previous home owners gave you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. A good lock or rekey kit will cost you about $100, but that’s a lot cheaper than some stranger popping into your new home uninvited.

Meet the Neighbors

This one can also be tricky to do before you move in, especially when you’re moving to an entirely different state, but if you’ve visited the house prior to the move day, then meeting the neighbors can be a life saver. Chat them up, see if they are friendly or hellish, and then swap contact information. If you’ve met wholesome folks, who knows, you might even have free labor to help you move in. Either way, they can look after your new home while you wait to move in, or you might be able to incentivize them to help movers, a locksmith or utility workers gain necessary access to make your move go nice and smooth.

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