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April Showers Brings…..

filed under: Informational posted on April 14th, 2015

Cincinnati Spring Showers

The say goes…”April showers brings May flowers”.  April showers can also bring all sorts of problems for homeowners to solve.


Check list of 5 things to do to reduce problems from April showers:

1.  Check the sump pump.  Dump a bucket of water down the hatch and make sure it’s operating.  Then check the outside drain pipe.  Make sure it’s not blocked or critters have taken up residence during the cold months.

2.  Eyeball downspouts and gutters.  Clear and clean up any blockages.  Old rotting leaves left over from fall may not be visible from below and could block downspouts.  Afraid of heights- hire somebody to check and clear blockages.

3. Do you have window wells- keep reading. (if not skip to #4) Grab the extra long bbq tongs and clean out excess debris that settled in the bottom of the window wells.  Once the drains are blocked  there is only one place for water to escape…and that’s usually into your basement.

4. Hose bibs– if you didn’t unhook your hose from the outdoor faucets before winter- make sure you keep a very close eye on the interior pipes the first few times you run water. Lots of home owners are unprepared when the crack that developed during the winter in that frozen pipe explodes while you’re washing your car or using the hose to wash windows.  While you’re outside enjoying the warm weather the pipe feeding your garden hose is leaking water into your basement.

5.  Outside landscaping which has settled into a downward slope toward the foundation needs your attention.  Concrete foundations are porous and water needs to be funneled away to eliminate problems.

5.5*. Bonus for everybody- check caulking around windows and doors.  This is a 12 month job but gains importance with winds and rain-any tiny hole can attract moisture become a long term problem.

A couple of hours of work now can save you hours and dollars later.  Don’t let spring showers dampen your season.

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