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Green Home Features

filed under: Informational posted on March 30th, 2015

The National Association of Realtors gathers and shares all sorts of data about buyers, sellers, real estate agents, home sales- well you get the picture.  Recently they published an infographic “Going Green” covering everything you ever needed to know about green home features.

Heating and cooling efficiency resonates with all age groups. And the cost of commuting is the heavy hitter with buyers until they reach the age of 49.

Looking for your “green home”?  Take a look at the graphic below and find out what important to in green and energy efficient homes.

Green Home


Our local MLS (CincyMLS) does not cater to the “green” buyer.  The 1 selectable box in the MLS is geothermal heating/cooling.  The rest of the time we must search remarks or marketing comments for key words.  Most likely it will take years before many of the multiple listing services routinely add check boxes for green and/or energy efficient features.

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