4 Ways to Help Your New House Feel More Like Home

4 Ways to Help Your New House Feel More Like Home

DIY Tips

DIY Tips

Congratulations—you are now officially a homeowner. With that last signature on the dotted line, you have joined the ranks of people living the proverbial American dream through home ownership. Now it’s time to make the house your own by furnishing and decorating it in your own style with your own special touches. You have a blank slate—let’s turn it into a home.  Here are 4 ways to help your new house feel like home:

Paint the Walls

One of the easiest and relatively cost-effective ways to put your own stamp on the interior is to get rid of that eggshell white on the walls. Color sets the mood for a room, and it can also help it appear larger or smaller. Paint larger rooms in warm colors to make these spaces more cozy and intimate; paint smaller rooms (like a guest bathroom) in a cool shade to make it appear bigger. Keep in mind that bold, dark hues often work great on an accent wall and not the entire room.

Add Floor Coverings

Add carpets and rugs to make your house feel more comfortable and personal. Think bright, textured pieces for entryways and more subtle ones for dens and bedrooms. If you have something with special meaning—such as a runner your parents used in their home when you were growing up—it will give you an instant sense of home.

Unsure about sizes? HGTV recommends these rules of thumb:

  • Your rug should be two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room
  • In the hallway, you should have at least six inches of floor showing on all sides
  • In the dining room, the rug should extend at least 18 inches beyond table’s edge to accommodate the chairs
  • In the master bedroom, add runners on each side and at the foot of the bed

Not sure how to select the best rug Housetipster has some suggestions.

Transform Funky Spaces Into Personal Havens

Most homes have unused spaces or areas that you might be unsure how to use. From nooks below staircases and bay windows to corners in living rooms, it’s fun to take these spots of mystery and turn them into something meaningful. If you’re a bookworm, you might take a large space by a window and change it into a reading nook; if you are a pet lover, create a warm retreat for your beloved pets in an unused corner of the family room. Check out this Better Homes & Gardens photo feature on adding character to odd spaces.

Don’t Forget the Outside

The front and backyards of your new home are wonderful places to add your personality. Add a bench where people can gather to talk; install planters filled with your favorite flowers to serve as interesting yard art. If you have always dreamed of having your own pool, now is the time to get one. Add a fountain or other type of water feature, and you’ll turn your backyard into a personal oasis. This InTheSwim blog post looks at the various types of fountains and water features available to get you started.