Cost of Living Comparison for Cincinnati

Cost of Living Comparison for Cincinnati

Cincinnati cost of living
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Cincinnati cost of livingMoving into or out of Cincinnati and want to know how the areas compare for the cost of living?

Well, good news nerdwallet has a simple-to-use cost of living calculator which requires very little information from the users.  Cost of living comparison Cincinnati vs Columbus:  for example -moving from Cincinnati to Columbus (Ohio) according to the results -somebody making $75,000. with kids will find Columbus 3% cheaper than living in Cincy.  Thinking about retiring and moving to Sarasota, Florida with a retirement income of $35,000- buckle up because the cost of living in Sarasota is 10% higher.

The calculator compares the costs of housing, gas, food, entertainment, and healthcare.

Bankrate also has a cost of living calculator– and ADT a guide on Where Our Money Goes– but Cincinnati doesn’t appear on either link.

Moving yourself or a family is always a challenge.  Knowing what to expect cost-wise is helpful and while the calculators offer some insights- if you need more information most agents have access to relocation departments or relocation networks which, usually, offer a more comprehensive analysis of the cost of living for cities in the United States.

Also if you decide on moving use the Cost of Moving Calculator to estimate moving costs.  Another resource on What is the Average Cost to Move to a 3 Bedroom House can help you decide on additional costs.