What’s the Problem with the Midwest

What’s the Problem with the Midwest

Midwest America

Midwest AmericaWhether it be due to weather, lack of high paying jobs, expensive housing, or lack of opportunity, people are moving from the Midwest and migrating, generally to the West. Some of the numbers are absolutely staggering: For instance, Chicago has lost approximately 200,000 people in the last decade alone.

The state that has perhaps seen the greatest hit would be Ohio. Once a manufacturing hub of the nation, Ohio has been hit very hard by the outsourcing of industrial labor. The former vibrant factories now lay abandoned and are under the barrage of “scrappers” or individuals who break into these factories for the copper, steel, aluminum and other metals which they can get their hands on. Ohio’s two population giants in the 1950’s, Cleveland and Cincinnati have both seen their populations decline by more than 40 percent. The outlook is pretty grim?

The United States and the world, more recently have experienced an energy boom, not seen since JD Rockefeller found a use for Kerosene. Enter Natural Gas, a commodity seemingly so abundant, but not without controversy, that impossibly increased some farmland in Ohio from $15 per acre in 2006 to well over $5,800 at the end of 2012! The result, from 2012 to 2014, Cincinnati experienced consecutive years of population growth for the first time in many years! With people moving to Cincinnati expect industry and entrepreneurship to follow suit. Currently the numbers are favorable for starting a career in Cincinnati. For instance unemployment is 5.3 percent which is better than the nation while job growth is at 1.3 percent. The median home value is $133,800. In other words, Cincinnati seems like an optimal place to raise a family.

Key Companies
Greater Cincinnati has 10 companies is the fortune 500, according to revenue two of which, Kroger and Procter & Gamble rank in the top 50. Thus there is an incredible amount of commerce for a city which has a total metropolitan area of less than 1,500,000. Having one fortune 500 company per 150,000 residents is an absolutely tremendous ratio that demonstrates Ohio’s, tax friendly business model. If corporate is not your thing, there are plenty of other options including both local and state government. Overall Cincinnati is tremendous place to live if you desire affordability and access to quality employers.

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Article written by: Jaron Clinton  (jaron.clinton@zogmedia.com)