Common FHA Repairs

Painting for FHALots of today’s real estate deals involve FHA backed mortgages and sellers need to be prepared to handle common FHA repairs.

FHA appraisals often note repairs required before closing on the property, however the demands made by FHA often surprise sellers who thought they were done with repairs after the home inspection process. The FHA appraisal is not an inspection-but may lead to some additional repairs to your property.

According to FHA, the purpose of a repair is to correct deficiencies which may affect the safety, security and soundness of the property. Sellers in the know can correct the potential problems prior to marketing their property or at the latest prior to the FHA appraisal.

The most common repairs that pop up after a FHA appraisal:

Roof Condition
The roof cannot leak or allow any moisture inside the home. Also the remaining lifespan of the roof has to last at least 2 years.

Missing Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors are required to be installed in home or condo (usually outside the bedroom areas) used by people.

Lead Base Paint
The lead paint problem is still around and many homes still have problems. Any areas of chipped or peeling paint found along the interior or exterior of homes built prior to 1978 must have those areas corrected including scraping and repainting the affected areas. In addition, all paint chips lying on the ground must also be collected and completely removed from the property.

Frayed or Exposed Electrical Wiring
It seems obvious but you’d be surprised at how many older homes and properties where the owners have attempted to fix the wiring themselves have frayed, exposed or incorrect wiring. Also make sure to have all outlets and switched covered with appropriate cover plates.

Utilities Must Be Turned On
The FHA appraiser requires all the utilities be on for both the original and follow up inspections.

Good news-most of these items are standard “honey do” items that most sellers tackle before they market the property.