Cincinnati Celebrates Columbus Day

Cincinnati Celebrates Columbus Day

Windermere in Fairfield

It’s somewhat confusing that Columbus’s search for the new world lead to Cincinnati celebrating  “Columbus Day” which now is known better for sale slogans like “Door Buster Deals!”  “Bonus Busters!”  “Columbus Day Sales!”

Columbus Day Sales

Well Cincinnati if you’re not interested in hitting the malls but are interested in finding a new place to live and a good deal that perhaps explore one or two of the 11411 single family homes or condos currently listed for sale in the Cincy MLS.

Something without too many steps a gorgeous ranch nestled on a wooded lot:

 Windermere in Fairfield

Newer and more garage space:

Black Rd

Lots of curb appeal:
Anderson Cove

Something for everybody

Tiffany Court

And unlike lots of other “Columbus Day Specials” no minimum purchase is required, no preferred customer prices and no home delivery charges….

If you are having problems with shopping online– just let me know!