Why Golf is Similar to Cincinnati Real Estate

Why Golf is Similar to Cincinnati Real Estate

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The weather cleared and we were able to play 9 holes at the golf course and as golf balls scattered into the rough and sand traps – I thought about the similarities between playing golf and selling real estate in greater Cincinnati.

    1. With time comes wisdom– often sellers go through 1 or 2 or maybe 3 Realtors before listening to advice. And some golfers feel free to always give advice- whether it’s wanted or not.
    2. Sometimes you need to consult a professional – whether we’re talking about hiring a golf coach or real estate agent.
    3. It’s a journey -not a race. Smacking clubs into the ground, yelling and other activities aimed at intimidation don’t work on the course or when selling your house.
    4. Small adjustments can make a huge impact– a coat of paint, carpets cleaned, or maybe standing a few inches further away from the ball.
    5. Finally, celebrating success always works better with a cold drink in hand.

Sportscasters are quick to point out that ““Drive for Show, Putt for Dough”… it’s often the small stuff that matters. So whether you’re aiming to shoot par on the golf course or “get” a quick sale on your property- the basics remain the same. Focus, patience and a sense of humor.

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